Friday, April 30, 2010

First Friggin' Post!

Well hello there! If you are reading this then you have stumbled upon my awesome blog. It is rather barren at the moment... Lucky for you I have a crud load of art stockpiled for this here blog o' mine. SO this will primarily be an art blog, but I shall post links I think are interesting and rant from time. I will try my darndest to post multiple things per week cause I know that I love artists who actually update their pages. You can update your facebook, but not your blog?@?!!! WELL I CAN DO BOTH!!! Here is art from my minicomic it did kinda well for itself at freshmeat (Sva minicomic showconventionthingamajigger) and now you get to read it for free when those other suckahs had to pay. Oh noes! I guess I'm helping to kill print media, I guess we'll have to come with other reasons to ruin rain forests...

Course if you tracked me down and got yourself a physical copy it's got some nice bonus content. Hope yall enjoy!