Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Overt Ops!

This is a lil promo piece for a comic I'll be doing for the rest o da semester. Will it have any of this stuff in it? Hope so! Otherwise I'm a liar, right? Will it be in color? I dunno, if there's time, I GUESSSSSS. Gosh you're greedy. How long will it be? NOT LONG. HAH! 8 pages, a solid three minutes of read time. I spoil you! During which I will be doing another comic at the same time... The Tragic Tale of Dr. Werebear! Another 8 pages of stuff. If you look at the previous post you'll see that I've come up with this character looooong ago, BUT he has reimagined, revamped even! I'm that good, I can revamp a character for new audiences that has no prior history or continuity. Basically I'm ditching the diaper giving him hulk rip pants (were bear is like one of those guys who pays thousands of dollars for designer tattered clothing as opposed to ripping them himself, not really.) I realize I've told you more about this than about the image I posted. Whoops. I've still told you nothing really about either story, just that they are coming and may end up on this blog. Also, someone to remind me to post up my thesis comic from last year.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! Looks good.Love the Dastardly Villain guy.
    Hey I just wanted to remind you, you should post that there thesis comic from last year.