Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So this one is a story I did early on in the semester, which probably will not be inked because I like it as is. The lettering is really bad, but I assure you it is worth reading because where else can you find a mechanical fox who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes? I will also at some point post the original thumbnails (which are really smaller and crappier, yet more complete than normal thumbnail drawings) that tell almost a completely different story. Changes to the plot were made so that I can reopen the story at my leisure and I am considering doing a webcomic on the universe I began to form in these pages. I may do a webcomic on something else entirely, but expect a webcomic starting this summer as I need to continue to improve and tell stories. So without further ado I present a tale of the future! Note- more complete examples of my work can be seen in the first post. OH, and ENJOY.

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